Uniprix Flyer April 18 - 24, 2019

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Here are Uniprix Flyer this week 4/18/2019 – 4/24/2019

Uniprix Flyer April 18 - 24, 2019

Unipric Super Vente, Head and Shoulders shampooing ou revitalisant shampoo or conditioner 420 ml, 400 ml ou/or 380 ml. Pantene produit capitaires selectionnes selected hair care products 375 ml ou/or 355 ml Gel coiffant/styling gel 193g, mouse/foam 187 g. Always serviettes hygienques ou protege-dessous selectionnes selected hygienic pads or pantyliners 14a/to 60. Tampax tampons 20

Uniprix Naturellement Votre,
  • Laboratoire Suisse florabile, Artrikor, Omega-3, Creme du diable produits selectionnes/Sellected products 60 compr/tablets ou/or 150 capsules, 80 g ou/or 100g, 
  • Laboratoire Suisse Probiotic Selected products, 
  • Laboratoire Suisse Swial Energy Vials or 20 and more

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