150 Canada Deals - Atlantic Superstore Flyer March 30 to April 5

150 Canada Deals for $1.50 on cover page Atlantic Superstore Flyer March 30 to April 5, 2017.

All checkouts open enjoy the fast lane! saturday and Sunday 12-5 pm Atlantic Superstore, see on page 2 about price Fresh atlantic salmon, Graves or Fairlee, Maple leaf or Natural, Strawberries, english cucumbers, and more.

See more fresh produce, fresh to go on page 3. Everyday Value on page 4, greenhouse beefsteak tomatoes product of Canada or Mexico, no.1 grade 4.39/kg 1.99lb, Ripe avocados product of Mexico 1.29, Large broccoli 2.49. Bananas product of Colombia honduras, Costa rica or Guatemala 1.69/kg price 89 lb. Discover Mangos, Manila mango 2/$5, PC* tree ripe Haden mango 2/$5, Ataulfo mango 4/$5, Indian mango $3.99, Julie Mango 3.99lb, Palmer mango 3.99.

Floral shop hydrangeas 6.5 inch, assorted colours & varieties 18.99, Orchid 5 inch assorted colours, pots may vary 22.99, Spring mix bouquet assorted varieties bunch 9.99.

Cakes of the world Cassata inspired cake an Innovative twist to a classic Italian recipe, this zesty orange flavoured cake is layered with delicious cream cheese flavoured filling and chocolate chips, and is topped with a rich chocolate coating with glace fruit for a special finishing touch! $19.99. Far,er's market tea biscuits 3.99 Limit 5, cinnamon buns $4, Farmer's market cucakes 2.99, Rubschlager bread 2/$6, Blue menu 10' terbilas 2/$7.

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