Low Food Prices Price Chopper March 23 – 29, 2017

Low Food Prices PRICE CHOPPER March 23 – 29, 2017 - Fresh produce picks of the week at Price Chopper consist of fresh good looking products like organic Blackberries 170 g hot priced $1.44, Plumtomatoes .99/lb, Red Sweet peppers .99/lb. mandora tangerines 1.29/lb. You can also find a unique meat sale at Prce Chopper stores. Shop between March 23 to 29, you will get Hot price.

Low Food Prices Price Chopper March 23 – 29, 2017

Price Chopper on cover page you will find
PRICE CHOPPER Meat prices on page 3, Sensations by compliments fresh premium Air Chilled Whole Chicken 5.51/kg 2.50 SAVE 79c/lb, Schneiders Oktoberfest or Mini Sizzler Sausages frozen 375 g or beef steakettes frozen 252 g 2.49 SAVE $2.50, Fresh Value Pack stewing beef cut from Canada AA Beef or higher 13.32/kg $6/lb SAVE 74c/lb, Compliments hickory smoked ham steak bone in 6.59/kg 2.99/lb SAVE $2/lb.

Seafood include Fresh tilapia fillets 17.61/kg 799/lb SAVE $1.50/lb, Go Easy peel shell on Pacific white raw shrimp 16/20 ct frozen 300 g marinated herb & garlic butterfly shrimp frozen 340 g 5.99 SAVE $1.01. On the same page Minan Halal Chicken Bologna breakfasr strips or wieners 375-500g 2.49 SAVE up to $2.50, Etnico Halal Lamb or goat stew frozen 600-625g Great price $10.

Grocery, frozen foods, dairy, household on page 4, Uncle ben's fast & Fancy rice 165 g, .99 SAVE 80c. Oasis Health Break or smothie 1.65-1.75 L 2.99 SAVE $1.50. McCain frozen fries or hashbrowns 900g 1.49 SAVE 50c. Fruite drinks 2L 1.25 SAVE 74c

These low prices start thursday march 23rd, to wednesday, march 29th, 2017.

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