Atlantic Superstore Food Prices April 6 to 12, 2017

Natural foods for less atlantic superstore flyer, PC* Organics flour whole wheat or all purpose 2.5 kg price 8.99 save $1, PC* Organics sugar 900g price 4.49 save 50c, PC* Organics agave syrup 480 mL, PC* Organics honey liquid, unpasteurized 375 g,

PC* Organics butter salted or unsalted 250g only price 4.99 sale save 30c. Churn this into your new fav! Made with fresh organic cream enjoy the goodness of our salted or unsalted churned butter. Elevate your testebuds, baking and cooking to a delicious level.

Atlantic Superstore Food Prices April 6 to 12, 2017

Selected Varieties

  • PC* Organics cookies 2/$5.98
  • PC* Organics european choholate 2/$5, 
  • Cucina Antica cooking sauce or Organico bello sauce price 2/12.98, 
  • Gogo quinoa price 3.59, 
  • Organic meadiw chese block 340 g price 9.99 save $1,
  • Imagine Organic broth or soup price 2/$7, 
  • Blue Diamond almond breeze non-dairy beverage price 2/$5, 
  • CLIF mut butter filled organic bars price 6.99 new! try this product save 50c, 
  • Bounce energy bars ony price 2/$5.

Unboxed Bulk Foods

(May not be available at all locations) including Raw unbleached almonds price 1.99/100 g, save 30c/100g, Roasted Pistachios price 2.69/100 g save 30c/100 g, California walnut halves or pieces prices 2.29/100g save 50c/100g, Thompsons California raisins price 79c/100g save 10c/100g, Cereal oats quick rolled price 29c/100g save 10c/100 g, Mix praline nut mix price 1.59/100g save 30c/100g.

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