Food Basics 2 Day Sale Flyer April 13 & 15

Wow! Food Basics 2 day sale april 13 & 15, 2017, Food Basics is one of the best place that will make your weekly shopping and saving great!

Food Basics 2 day sale

Fresh Produce Available specializes in providing its customers with fresh, quality produce like Hothhouse tomatoes, Carrots, yellow onions, strawberries, asparagus, Clementines, Fresh figs, Whole seedless watermelon and more you can see on page 3.

Meat including Fresh from the farm or zabiha halal boneless skinless chicken breast price this week only $5.49 / lb, Medium Ground beef family pack lock down price $10 each, Johnsonville breakfast sausages price 2.99 each, Maple leaf or irreistibles artisan sliced meats agropur assorted cheese price 3/$12, Prime chicken drumsticks or thighs family pack price $2.69, Prime breaded chicken strips, nuggets burger, bites or wings price 8.99 and more you can check for detail on page 4.

Food Basics Great prices look for Great Deals every week and more Locked down every day prices, Every Day Savings . Always Fresh if you're not satisfied with our frehness, we will refund your money or your money back! Always in stock we will try to ensure our advertised items are always in stock, but if one isn't, we will give you 10% off the advertised price for yout next visit or a raincheck + 10% off!

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