FreshCo Save flyer April 20 to 26

FreshCo Save flyer April 20 to 26 cover page includes Sealtest Chocolate Milk 1L price $1 save $1.49, Strawberries 454 g Product of USA no.1 grade price $2, Nestle Parlour frozen dessert tubs 900 mL or Frozen treats 4-8 pk, sekected varieties while supliest last great price $2, Cheap Cheap, How much will you save today? I can't Believe it's not butter 454 g margarine price $1 save 49c, Chef boyardee Pasta 411-425 g price $1 save 77c, Coca-Cola Soft Drinks size potato Lay's family size potato chips 240-255 g price $2.50 save up to $1.49, Schneiders Juicy Jumbos or Grill'ems smoked sausages 375-450 g save pricr $3 $2.79, Go to Freshco and SAVE SAVE!.

FreshCo Save flyer April 20 to 26

Grocery, Frozen foods, dairy, houshold includes 

Cheap Cheap and Save Save Fresh Produce Seedless ORanges product of spain 2.20 kg price $1/lb, Royal Gala Apples or Granny smith apples product of USA or CHile Extra Fancy Grade 2.76/kg price 1.25 /lb, Zucchini product of Mexico ginger root product of Chine 2.20/kg price $1/lb, Hothhouse tomatoes product of Ontario Canada no.1 2.76/kg price 1.25 /lb, Barlett pears product of Argentina Extra Fancy Grade 2.76/kg price 1.25/lb, Murcott tangerines product of Cyprus 2.76/kg price 1.25/lb, 5 lb Bag PEI Potatoes prodyct of PEI Canada No.1 Price 1.50, Red Sweet peppers product of Mexico price 1.50 /lb, 6 Pack mini seedless cucumbers product of Ontario canada no.1 price $1.50, Compliments sliced white mushrooms product of Ontario price $1.75, Green Beans price 1.75 /lb, Compliments Baby arugula spinach or spring mix price $2 save 99c and more.

Bakery Donuts 195-313 g great price $1, Otis spunkmeyer snack cakes price $2 save $1, Eat Better mulfins 267-600 g price $3 save up to $1, Sensation by compliments butter tarts 510 g price $4 save $1.

With this weekly flyer of FreshCo you can get the essential food for weekly shopping, grocery, meat and delicious fresh produce on sale. Don’t miss out the deals from the flyer.

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