Giant Tiger Lower Prices April 19 to 25

Giant Tiger is a great place to meet all your kitchen and home shopping to get in one place. The point is how much you want to save this week. This week, Giant Tiger Circulars on March 16th 2017 Die product list is quite extensive. If we see the giant Tiger Flyers on April 19 to 25 short, we see the following categories;

Giant tiger lower prices, absolutely! April 19th til April 25th Our flyer now starts on Wednesdays Stax Chips half price $1 ea limit of 6, Relish or mustard price $1 ea save up to 1.17 limit of 6, Wieners $2.47 save $1.50.

We ad match Guaranteed, Lower prices every day!

Giant Tiger Lower Prices April 19 to 25

Giant Tiger BBQ Time

Pickles or barbecue sauce price 2.47 ea save up to 1.50, Peanuts price $2 ea save up to 1.99, Coca cola drinks 2.97 save 1.02, Sausage or smoked susages $3 save 1.97, Frozen chicken breasts or steaks $15 save up to $5

Lower prices, absolutely!

Frozen dinners price $2 save 48cm frozen entrees $5 save 98c, Ravioli $6.97 save $2, Hash browns $3 ea save $1, Cereal prices 2.97 ea save up to $2, Orange juice prices 3.98 save $2, Single serve cofee 4.47 save 1.50, bread 2/$4 or $2 ea  and more you can cheks on page 2.

Bathroom Clean Up valid until April 25, 2017

Lysol wipes or disinfecting spray price 3.97 ea save up to 1.30, Lysol cleaner prices 2.97 save up to $1, Cashmere select bathroom tissue prices 6.97 save $5, Sponge towels paper towel prices 5.47 save 2.49,

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