Loblaws Spring Deals Flyer April 27 to May 3

Loblaws so long winter gello spring deals low prices just when you need it. Loblaws Spring Deals Flyer April 27 to May 3, Shop online with click and collect loblaws.ca.

Loblaws Spring Deals Flyer April 27 to May 3

On cover includes Chicken breats fullets fresh, boneless skinless 8.31/kg sale prices 3.77 lb, Sirloin tip oven roast or marinating steak sale prices 3.99 lb, Farmer's market red, yellow or Russet potatoes product of Ontario, Canada no.1 Grade 10 lb bag or greenhouse peppers product of Mexico pkg of 4 prices 2/$5 multi, Nestle pure life water 24x500 mL prices 1.88, Extra lean ground beef butcher pack size, fresh 8.80/kg sale prices 3.99lb,

Loblaws Spring Deals Flyer April 27 to May 3

Spring Berries

Driscoll's Blackberries product of U.S.A. or Mexico 340 g prices 5.99, Blueberries product of USA or Mexico no 1grade 340 g prices 5.99, Strawberries product of USA no. 1 grade 907 g, Driscoll's raspberries product of USA or Mexico no. grade 340 g, PC Flavour Burst blueberries product of Mexico No.1 grade 9.8 oz, Driscoll's organic strawberries product of USA no.1 grade 454g, PC Green house strawberries product of Ontario Canada No.1 grade 340 g prices 4.99 (These flavourful strawberries are grown in Leamington Ontario an area with a unique micro climate suited to year-round greenhouse growing. With a flavour reminiscent of a field strawberry, they're a Must Try taste of summer... in the spring!)

Discover Melons

Canary melon product of Brazil or Santa Claus melon product of U.S.A prices 3.99 each, Honeydew melons product of Brazil prices 3.99 each, Mini seedless watermelon product of Guatemala or Honduras prices 3.99 each.

So easy to save, Flyer prices effective from Thursday, April 27th to Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017, see all page Loblaws Flyer this week for detail.

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