Starbucks Expresso March 28 - April 30, 2017

Starbucks Expresso March 28 - April 30, 2017

  • Doppio (The Crema, The Heart, The Body)
The foundation of all our lattes, mochas, macchiatos and more, and the heart of our beverages, is our perfectly pulled espresso. A Doppio is simply two bold shots combined. Our baristas pull each intensely rich shot Within a precise five-second window and ensure each has three distinct layers: the crema, the body, and the heart—or they toss it out and start again. It's been this way at Starbucks for over 40 years, because we believe that crafting the perfect espresso is the key to crafting the perfect drink.

  • Americano (The Crema, Hot Water, Bold Espresso)
The Americano celebrates the rich flavor of espresso. It's a simple drink, yet must still be made with care. Our baristas immediately pour two espresso shots, the second they are pulled, into your cup and then quickly pour hot water over the top to produce a light layer of crema. The result is a wonderfully rich cup, with the depth and nuances that only freshly ground espresso can boast.

This classic European-style beverage is made with a perfectly pulled shot of our signature espresso marked ever-so-lovingly by a dollop of steamed milk. Anything more than a hint Of milk and we would risk obscuring the rich, caramel flavor that gives the espresso its wonderful intensity.

  • Flat White (Velvety Micro-Foam, Bold Ristretto Shots, Steamed Milk)
A product of simplicity, crafted into artistry, our baristas know that balance is key to the perfect Flat White. An extra ristretto shot ensures that it's bolder than a latte, yet steamed milk keeps it smoother than an americano. But perfection doesn't end there—the technique for steaming and pouring the milk requires close attention as well. Steamed milk is folded into itself creating a velvety microfoam that gives the Flat White its silky texture and signature White dot.

  • Cappuccino (Dense delicious foam, Dark + Rich Espresso)
At the height of a barista's craft lies the Cappuccino. Trained to know when each drink has reached a specific weight, our baristas pass the test when the drink you hold in your hand is a perfect balance Of light and airy foam and deeply delicious espresso. And of course, just say so if you prefer yours even lighter (ask for it "dry") or a bit more on the heavy side (ask for it "wet").

  • Latte (Smoothly Steamed Milk Meets Rich Espresso, Thin layer of Foam)
What's not to love about a delicious espresso drink that you can help make completely your own? Our dark, rich espresso balanced with steamed milk serves as the perfect base for whatever flavours you choose to add. GO for sweet vanilla, creamy caramel, a seasonal favourite like Pumpkin Spice, or whatever your heart desires—the only thing that matters to us is that it's perfectly made and uniquely

  • Caramel Macchiato (Caramel Drizzle Crosshatch, Freshly Steamed Milk, Rich Espresso, Vanilla Flavored Syrup)
The delicious, multi-layered Macchiato begins with milk steamed until it's stretched  and smooth to bring out its natural sweetness and is topped by a dense, creamy  foam. Then rich espresso is poured over and through the foam, Where it mixes With  the milk and creates a brown mark on top. Finally, the barista signs their work of art  with a crosshatch of sweet caramel sauce.

  • Mocha (Sweet whipped Cream, Chocolaty Mocha Sauce, Rich Espresso)
We pour our hot espresso over a slightly sweet mocha sauce and let them melt into a wonderfully rich concoction. Then we add steamed milk to the mix to balance the richness Out into a chocolaty treat that delights the senses without overdoing it. Add some whipped cream to the top, but only if you want that little extra kick of sweetness.

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