Zehrs Easter Flyer April 6 to 12

This Flyer will be valid until Easter day. In celebration of Easter, Zehrs prepared great food sales for everyone. Zehrs Flyer April 6 to 12, 2017 Meat, snacks, party food, fresh produce and other products are featured in the latest Zehrs Flyer. Check out delicious and seasonal meat variety on page 2. Spiral sliced half ham and shortcut lamb leg fresh are featured. Chicken breasts or thighs will give you a huge appetite. See fresh produce on flyer page 3 (Bosc pears, Pink Muscat Grapes, Orri mandarins etc). Make your morning coffee with floral and garden you bought from Zehrs.

Zehrs Easter Flyer April 6 to 12

Check out Bakery Local like on page 8

  • Baked in-Store Hot cross buns pkg of 8 price $2.99,
  • Ace Bakery basquettes price $2.99,
  • Cinnamon raisin, poppy seed or sesame egg bread sliced or unsliced 450-725 g,
  • ACE Bakery ciabatta lunga cluster 400g,
  • ACE Bakery sesame baquette 325g price $2.99,
  • Sourdough or pumpernickel bread sliced or unsliced 675 g price $2.99,
  • ACE Bakery cheddar onion demi baquette 200 g price $2.29 and more.

Floral and Garden

Black Earth topsoil 25 L price 5/$10, Grass seeds assorted varieties & sizes price $6.99 to 15.99, Spring bulbs plant now for summer blooms price 2.99, Burpee seeds price 1.79, Easter lily 6 inch packaging may vary price 6.99, Hydrangeas 6.5 inch assorted colours and varieties price 15.99 each.

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