Foodland 4 day sale May 4 to 10

Foodland your Hometown Advantage celebrate summer 4 day sale "Thursday 4, Friday 5, Saturday 6, Sunday 7". 2 Pack fresh whole chickens 4-6 lb average price 1.99, Raspberries or Blackberries product of mexico price 2.49, Kraft singles 450 g or Cracker barrel snacks 168 g price 2.99, Delissio thin crispy crust pizza price 2.99, Knorr sidekicks price $1, Pepsi 12x355 ml price 3.99, Compliments Mild breaded chicken wings price 8.88, Carrots product of pei no 2 5 lb bag price 2.49, Cashmere bathroom tissue 6 double rolls while quantities last price 2.67.

Foodland 4 day sale May 4 to 10, 2017

One winner each week! SPOT IT TO WIN! see page 2 for details, Get to know Bingkley Apples thornbury, Ontario Exclusive growers of the Red price Apple in Canada. This premium apple has a tangy-sweet taste and a rich, Crisp red skin high in antioxidants, Gerbe, Marius and Irma Botden.

Foodland 4 day sale May 4 to 10

  • Red Price Apples this week price $1.49 /lb Product of Ontario Canada Extra Fancy 3.28/kg or 2.5 lb Bag, $3.399.
  • Large Pomegranates this week price $2.99, 
  • Large Mandora Tangerines product of Cyprus or Large clementines product of Spain, 4.39/kg price 1.99/lb, 
  • Golden Ripe Pineapples product of Contarica or Cored Pineaaples, this week price 4.49, 
  • Red, Yellow or orange sweet peppers product of Ontario 7.69/kg price 3.49, 
  • Apio Sweet Kale Salad 340 g price 4.99, 
  • Compliments whole white or mini bella mushrooms price 2/4, Prepared Fresh Daily yogurt cups 11.00/kg price 4.99,  and more avaibale on page 2.

Bakery try our new bar cakes available in: celebration chocolate Brownie, Peanut butter S;mores or Shadow Triple layer bar cakes 850 g - 1 kg price this week $16.99.

All Age welcome, This Mother's Day Give Mom or Grandma a handmade present join us for our mother's day cake decorating party. For just $5.99, each child will receive a heart shpaed cake of their own to decorate sign up in store now.

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