No Frills Big Sale May 4 to 10

No Frills The Big Sale May 4 to 10, All prices $1 ea/lb on cover page flyer (Catelly Pasta 300-375 g, Hunt's PAsta Sauce 680 mL or Manwich 398 mL selected varieties, Potato Chips 200-220 g, Holiday Luncheon eat 340g, Maple leaf flakes 156 g or Vienna Sausage 113 g selected varieties, Mr. Chippy or Mr. Creamy Cookies 300/350g biscuits, Cook's portion hams 1.00/lb, 2.20/kg, Alkaline Baterries)

No Frills Big Sale May 4 to 10
Page 2 flyer "No Frills" includes Maple leaf pies 200 g price $1, Ziggy's Salad 454 g price $1, Maple lodge chicken wieners 450 g price $1, Ocean Treasures COD or Salmon portions 100 g frozen price $1, Jelly or Creme rolls price $1, Weston bagels price $1, Farmer's market sponge cakes 195 g, Cake squares 182/185 g price $1, Yellow cooking onions product of Atlantic Canada no.1 Grade price $1, Sweet potatoes product of U.S.A no.1 grade $1, Bunched radishes, product of mexico or farmer's market mini carrots 340 g price $1 ea, Ataulfo mango price $1 ea.

On page 2 you will find a good product list prices $2 including Schneiders lunchmates kits & stackers, Seasoned boneless skinless chicken breats, No name Stuffed chicken Breats, Schineiders oktoberfest mini sizzlers sausages, Wonder bread 500-675 g or Hot Dog or hamburger buns 8's, Saputo cheese slices 90/100 g or pillers shaved ham 200g, Smoked steelhead salmon 50g, 6 Oz Blackberries, Cantaloupes product of Guatemala or Honduras, Grape pint tomatoes product of U.S.A or Mexico, Mini cucumbers.

Flyer prices effective in Atlantic Canada Stores Only. Thursday, May 4 to Wednesday, May 10, 2017.

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