McDonald's in Canada began a rolling submission service by using UberEATS

Lazy out of the House to buy a Big Mac, McChicken and Happy Meal now that service already available? so no need to hard-hard to get out of the House, just wait in the home we can feel this service! McDonald's already melaunching service delivery in certain areas in Canada, which has been in the post this year.

Almost the same as their existing services in the U.S., McDonald's Canada has been working with UberEATS for service delivery. The first step to ordering, you can visit the site UberEATS and can also use their iOS and Android applications. If your area is affordable, then automatically will be the option of booking.

For the cost of shipping the cost is only $4.99 and it was a standard tariff price UberEATS. So there is no difference with other fare with McDonald's.

For the moment we have not been able to ascertain whether McDonald's will be there in all locations. And for now the site is available only in the territory of the UberEATS are already in operation at this time. For all of you who want to try the first time you can save $5, because there is a coupon code yaittu "MCDS005" which has been announced in this service.

Let us know in the comments if you are ordering for delivery and if McDonald's are currently available in your place of residence or not.


McDonald's in Canada has announced the official press release about the launch confirmed delivery service and cooperation with UberEATS. Current postal delivery is already available in 187 McDonald's restaurant in Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Edmonton and the Greater Toronto Area. This number will continue to increase to 250 locations of the restaurant at the end of the summer of 2017 and to include Calgary.

Below is a list of the number of restaurants in each city that will offer shipping at the end of the summer of 2017 in Canada:

  • Montreal include 31 restaurant
  • Ottawa includes 18 restaurants
  • Toronto Greater Toronto Area includes & 145 restaurant
  • Edmonton includes 43 restaurant
  • Calgary include 20 restaurants

In the press release confirmed that the same menu pricing and costs you'll pay at the restaurant. All menu items will be available for order except for the gentle dish Cone (for reasons not yet clear). There is one weakness in the booking service for delivery is you will not be able to use coupons, deals and offers mobile a promotion because it does not include shipping. And the thing that you guys need to know the time McDonald's has a coupon is active as this can increase the price differential between the purchases directly in the restaurant with the purchase in delivery.

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