Atlantic Superstore Weekly Flyer November 15 - 21, 2018 Black Friday

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Here are Atlantic Superstore flyer this week 11/15/2018 – 11/21/2018

Atlantic Superstore Flyer November 15 - 21, 2018 Black Friday

Atlantic Superstore sale for this week, Keep tradition on the table and your loved ones around it
  • International Delight Coffee Whitener $4.99 Sale Price Selected varieties. 946 ml.
  • Pc Orange Juice $2.99 Sale Price Selected varieties. 1.75 L.
  • Pc Coffee Pods $14.99 Sale Price Size 30 ct. plus 2,000. pts.
  • Pc Blue Menu Fruit and Nut Bars $2.49 Sale Price Selected varieties. 165 g.
  • Van Houtte or Timothy's Ground Coffee or Red Rose Tea Bags $7.99 Sale Price Van houtte or timothy's ground coffee 340 g or red rose tea bags 216's selected varieties.
  • Graves or Fairlee Orange or Apple Juice $1.49 Regular Price 2/$2.50 Sale Price 945 ml/1 L, selected varieties.
  • Pc Cane Sugar Soda $2.99 Regular Price 2/$5.00 Sale Price Selected varieties. 4 x 250 ml.
  • Natrel or Neilson Lactose Free Milk $4.99 Sale Price Selected varieties. 2 L.
  • Pillsbury Crescent Rolls $1.99 Sale Price Selected varieties. 200-235 g. 
  • Cracker Barrel Natural Cheese Slices or Amooza! Twists $4.99 Sale Price Cracker barrel natural cheese slices 200/240 g or amooza! twists pkg of 12 selected varieties.
  • Armstrong Cheese Bars $8.99 Sale Price Selected varieties, 700 g.
  • Marketplace Cuisine Cavendish Premium Fries, Onion Rings or Swanson Entrees $2.99 Sale
  • Price Marketplace cuisine 212-280 g, cavendish premium fries, onion rings 454-750 g or swanson entrees 280-383 g, selected varieties frozen.

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