Metro Weekly Flyer November 15 - 21, 2018 Black Friday

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Here are Metro flyer this week 11/15/2018 – 11/21/2018

Metro Flyer November 15 - 21, 2018 Black Friday

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  • Castello Traditional Blue Or Jarlsberg Cheese $2.99/100 g Sale Price Regular or light. Deli cut. $13.56/lb. 
  • Front Street Bakery Muffins $3.99 Sale Price $1.00 Savings Pkg of 6, 510-600 g. Selected varieties. 
  • Dempster's White, 100% Whole Wheat Or Rye Breads Or Bagels Or Smart Bread 2/$5.00 Sale Price Selected sizes. Selected varieties. 
  • Knorr Sidekicks Or Uncle Ben's Fast & Fancy Instant Rice $0.99 Sale Price $1.00 Savings Selected sizes. Selected varieties. 
  • Jordans Cereal $3.99 Sale Price $2.50 Savings 450-500 g. Selected varieties. 
  • Pampers Diapers $29.99 Sale Price 92-186 un. Selected varieties. 
  • California Rolls, Vegetarian Or Spicy Sushi 2/$10.00 Sale Price 200-300 g. Selected stores. Selected varieties. 
  • Nestle Pure Life Natural Spring Water $1.99 Sale Price $2.00 Savings 24 x 500 ml. Selected varieties. 
  • Produce Ontario Greenhouse Strawberries $3.99 Sale Price 340 g. Product of Ontario, Canada no. 1 grade. Foodland Ontario. 
  • Extra Large Seedless Navel Oranges $1.79/lb Sale Price Product of USA. $3.95/kg. 
  • Jumbo Golden Pinapples $3.99 Sale Price Product of Costa Rica. 
  • Red Mangoes 3/$5.00 Sale Price Product of Peru or Ecuador. 

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